Smg tips?

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I would like some tips on SMG as people call me noob with it(A.K.A. I just want to see what people would advise other people about smg)
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2.Right Click
3.Left Click
4.Slowly move mouse down while left clicking.
5.Aim on heads
6.Be a pro
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if you want to kill someone at range in suggest burst fire as it is easier to control the recoil and you can kill someone with 3-4 bullets to the head
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Down and Shoot in the head.
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Shoot down any any buildings with the SMG, make sure you shoot the edges, if they start repairing one side keep shooting. If you can't kill with the SMG practice your accuracy with the Rifle, make sure when your firing the SMG try to keep it on the head.
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use pixle scope
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dont listen to jdrew.

use pixie scope instead.
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literally just hold down the trigger and pull down

bam you have projectile chainsaws
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you're most likely not being called a noob due to being bad with smg. it's because it's considered a noob weapon Image
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QuantumWraith wrote:
dont listen to jdrew.

use pixie scope instead.
I laughed way too hard at that xD
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aidybee wrote:
I would like some tips on SMG as people call me noob with it(A.K.A. I just want to see what people would advise other people about smg)
By any chance are they calling you an "SMG Noob"? Because this is just butthurt players who would rather use a shitty weapon (rifle) because they can't accept that it was utterly nerfed in 0.75. If we brought it back up to pinpoint accuracy (like in 0.70) no one would care.

Anyways, I've got a few:
  • The primary purpose of the SMG is to smoke people out of their hidey-holes; focus your fire on the area and fire, emptying only half of your clip before stopping. If you don't see anyone appear in that area again after a few seconds, take cover and reload. If they reappear once you stop firing, empty the other half of your clip into them. Using the SMG like this (to remove blocks) is called jackhammering
  • You can reduce recoil to essentially zero by firing only one round at a time (IE don't hold down the mouse button, just shoot once, wait for an instant, then shoot again. This takes a while to get a hang of.
  • It takes 3 shots to the head with an SMG to kill someone. If you're sniping them off from a distance with the recoil-less fire as described above, aim for the head. If you fire in bursts, aim for the chest; it's easier to hit and the recoil knocks your gun upwards, so even if you miss at first, your shots will eventually line up with the head.
  • To fire long bursts (more than 5 shots) you want to start dragging the mouse towards you as you fire (very slowly). This will counteract the effects of recoil if you get really good at it, and is especially useful on Hallway where you use the SMG to counter snipers that are hidden behind a ton of blocks. Practice the dragging until you feel you can fire long bursts, but remember that short bursts are almost always preferable, because long bursts make it easier to be seen, and shorter bursts conserve ammo.
  • Don't underestimate the intimidation factor of an SMG. The practice of "spraying and praying" is powerful (even if it is slightly annoying).
  • The SMG can be used effectively to dig yourself out of tunnels if you need to make a quick getaway. If you need to dig into an adjoining tunnel to get away from a squad of enemies (a la Hallway), just use the SMG instead of switching to the shovel to dig. This way, you avoid the period of vulnerability where you dig into a tunnel unarmed.
  • Try to crouch when you can. You can get good at firing the SMG without crouching, but it is still helpful practice. The SMG is an effective weapon for arena maps or buildings, where you know where you have to be aiming but not precisely where the enemy will emerge (IE when you're looking at a doorway)
  • Don't bother using SMGs for ambushes (hiding behind the enemy before shooting). Instead, opt for the rifle; you'd be amazed how much time those extra two shots to the head can buy your opponent
  • When playing Hallway, use the SMG for defending (countersniping) and the rifle for sniping (IE when you are hiding in the wall above the enemy base)
I'd say the most important item to remember here is to fire in bursts and to never fully empty your clip. This aids in ammo conservation and avoiding recoil. I believe the SMG has the longest loading time and as a result, that's when you're most vulnerable - so conserve your ammo. Always ALWAYS aim for the bottom of the head (the chin), never the helmet; the recoil will knock your aim upwards and you'll miss entirely.
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I never suggest SMG to new players (or players that wish to learn how to aim/shoot better), because when you are using SMG, you do not need reflex and pinpoint accuracy as if you miss your first shot, you will have dozens left. By using rifle you will most probably suck hard at the beginning, but it will improve your reflexes and teach you the value of every bullet. After you master rifle, SMG will probably be a piece of cake to you. Green_Happy1
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Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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dont listen to tin
hes just a butthurt old timer whos too stubborn to advance to the wonderous technological advancement that is the smg
i think hes amish
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inb4 this turns into another 'SMGAYZZ 0.75 BROKEEN BEN FIX PLOX' topic.
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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Captain_Pi wrote:
inb4 this turns into another 'SMGAYZZ 0.75 BROKEEN BEN FIX PLOX' topic.
Ben is dead we have dan topo and willy now maybe
complain to them?
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