Why everyone's upset

The original, free Ace of Spades game powered by the Voxlap engine. Known as “Classic,” 0.75, 0.76, and all 0.x versions. Created by Ben Aksoy.
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Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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Can we ever have a civilized, mature conversations?

I haven't played the game for a long time because it's getting boring. Maps are the same and getting very tired of Hallway map. OpenSpades makes no difference for me.
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scrawl wrote:
jasper2428 wrote:
Also I'm upset about rifle accuracy in 0.75
Play .76 then.
Yeah, play with the whopping 4 people that are on .76.
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Hey TRA, fancy seeing you here.
I kind of agree, I think the old ace of spades has had it's days. It's sad, but unless there's major development it's more or less stuck where it is.
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