More art by yours truly!

The original, free Ace of Spades game powered by the Voxlap engine. Known as “Classic,” 0.75, 0.76, and all 0.x versions. Created by Ben Aksoy.
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Hey all! Do you remember me? No? ok... Anyways, I'm here to show off more of my art! and this time, I learnt how to use filters in GIMP! OoOoOoOoH! Blue_BigSmile

I have for you 2 versions, the og art and then the filter art, a kaliedoscope filter!
BS Fragment 1.png
Here we have the original art!
BS Fragment 1.png (58.39 KiB) Viewed 217 times
BS Fragment 1-1 (kaleidoscope).png
Here we have the filter version, the kaleidoscope!
BS Fragment 1-1 (kaleidoscope).png (106.34 KiB) Viewed 217 times
So, what do you guys think? Neat huh? Uh... not neat? Ok I'll shimmy off now...
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