I need high-quality software for a scooter rentsl business

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Hello, I want to start a scooter rental business. I understand that the competition in the market is very strong and you need to try to be unique in your business. But before I start developing my business, I need high-quality software.
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Yes, I know who you need! These guys have created a platform where anyone can start their own business. They carry out the development of software of any complexity https://euristiq.com/case-studies/bike- ... em-gobike/
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A variety of opportunities are now open for companies. For example, we use an enterprise solution like Salesforce to simplify the process. We did not have to deal with experts who helped us outsource the Ukrainian model and integrate it into our systems, however. Therefore, if you want a company solution, I highly advise you to find this sector in demand programming languages . I hope it's just as strong as we have been for you. We now collaborate entirely with them and we obtain productivity advice.
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You can easily start your business with the help of https://mr.bet/at/game/view/demo/eye-of-the-kraken. I`m sure that this site can help you.
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I think you need a good strategy and IT company that will help you implement your product correctly. Often for good rental products, you need the right product architecture. For example https://alpacked.io/blog/microservices-use-cases is a microservice that will help you deploy your code efficiently every time
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