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I decided it was time for a single introduction thread rather then a bunch of random ones.. So just tell us about yourself and maybe how you found BnS?

Ill start:

My name Is Jdrew, most of the community knows me by now I hope. I started playing ace of spades march of 2012, I just loved the game play and the friendly community. After 3 weeks I joined the forums and just couldn't leave. I have been in two clans during my time in ace of spades those were Gods of hell or [GOH] and SPQR. They were all realy great clans but both had there flaws which after a few months would make me leave.. I love playing free to play games on the PC and hanging with Dan and stack in the mumble. Currently I am the proud leader of fireguard a free to play gaming community that began shortly before I left SPQR. Right now I spend most of my time doing a little bit of mini moderating if you want to call it that of the build and shoot forums helping players with there problems and reporting those that I cant help to stack. I hope to stay in the community as long as it lives but even if it doesn't I will always be on the mumble with the others.. Blue_Sunglasses1
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Ah! Finally someone makes one. Lol. I'll just copy-and-paste my previous Introduction post here to bump.

Hello everybody! My name is Bryan but I go by Celtic, Enigma, or my username itself. I'm actually relatively new to this game. Only having played it for about three-four days now alongside my friend joharr13. Him and I originally were going to purchase A.O.S from Steam, but after having done our research on YouTube, multiple gaming websites and ultimately hearing about this Forum/Game, we decided against it. So far joharr13 and I have been playing this game pretty much everyday now. You might have seen me in game already. If not, then I'm usually the guy who is most unseen sniping from afar. The amount of talent in the Modding Forum and the Servers themselves with how well kept up and Moderated they are is another thing that brought my friend and I over here. I personally look to this game as an opportunity to grow as the game grows and myself contribute to the Forums and games as much as possible. I've been reading up on how this is only the beginning of many things to come and to those men and/or women who made this game/website/forums possible, I thank you for the good times already and give you guys much deserved credit and respect for the friendly atmosphere and the overall easy-to-browse forums and gameplay menus. Can't wait to see what you guys have in store. I have a few ideas myself, but I'm always up for a good surprise here and there. Cheers.
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Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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Well finally got round to using this account...anyways.

My Name is Captin and have played AOS since about 0.35 fell in love with the game and haven't really stopped playing since.
A couple of people here may have seen me around I spent along time with [C.H] (whoa that brings back memories) and more recently been an active of Stormwind and admining the Stormwind Server. I am here at build and shoot to continue to support a unique and challenging game.

mmm not so could at this intro stuff....stop by the server if you get the chance aos://483394606:32887

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the name is Axeman5, but I wouldn't mind u calling me 'Axeman' . I've been playing for a while. I'm mostly on Shams Little Pony, but if that's down for any 'ducking' reason, I'd be on the stormwind clan server. My friend plays too, his name is DARKNESS but he said that he'll change his name so yeah... anyways I love Ace of Spades and I'd love to challenge you one day.

BnS? well somepony at Sham's Little Pony told me about it Blue_BigSmile [/b]
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Winter Celebration 2013
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Hello random strangers, my name is tallyyyyy. I'm around that age and I live around that one place you haven't heard of. I usually do stuff and play Counter-Strike. Also, some girl drew my icon and I don't like Castle Crashers as much as you may think. My computer around three years younger than me and I want a new one as soon as possible. Even though I know how much my computer lacks the newest vertex shaders, Steam uses it's magic marketing powers to make me buy games I cannot play, but are 75%. I don't know why, but I go on Build and Shoot as well as the official Ace of Spades quite a bit, I don't really play Ace of Spades at all. I "discovered" Ace of Spades a couple months ago when one of my friends (the one with the longish hair) told me about it and wanted me to play it. Yeah that's all I have to say about myself. Good day.
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Hi people of the internets, I am Tex. I started playing Ace of Spades around early 2011, and started modding late 2011. I've played a ton of servers on the 0.75 client, but I still consider myself a newbie. I play a ton of TF2, and other steam games as well. I found Ace of Spades when one of my friends told me about this site, and how it pretty much doesn't lag at all. So yeah.
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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Hi, I video edit. Also, I guess I'm okay on AoS, I'm not good or anything.
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Hi! Green_BigSmile
Iam the owner of Ace of Spades Brazil (now i renamed for Build and SHoot Brasil,because im dont like the new AoS =P)and when i discover this site man,a big smile appeared in my face!
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