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I am kinda late, But i just recently found the introductions sub-forum. So i decided to make a introduction of myself.
I am playing AoS from 0.4x, And it was a fun game. I tried to mod and even released a AK 47 mod. I have forgotten my username from back then. And i wasn't really into modding that much and I wasn't even active on the forums.I lost interest in the game when it was in .6x and stopped playing when it reached 0.70. But I discovered this forum buildandshoot in march this year. And I decided to play the game again and it was quite fun. I made a account and started modding here. And I have made some new friends because of it, I hope I make more.
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Welcome to :BuildAndShoot:

Have a nice stay! Blue_Tongue
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I'm pretty sure I remember you Kuma, welcome and good to have you around!
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Hello, Kuma
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