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Who are these people? Who are you?
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I ran 'round here a lot back in the day, back when this place was shiny and new, and I was still full of salt over the Jagex purchase. Decided to check back in out of the blue, and what do I see? Y'all are still kicking! Good stuff, folks! Gonna be a bit busy this week, but I'm gonna see if I can somehow get to my old hard drive and migrate my old mods back over, along with SLAB6, and my old .75 installation. It's been good lurking for a couple hours and seeing some familiar faces.

Also, yes, I know what my post history looks like.

I was 14.

I cringed when I looked through it too.
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yeah we're still kicking
like a dead frog is kicking its legs hours after it's been decapitated
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