New guy, sort of.

Who are these people? Who are you?
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Hey! So I'm new to the forums although I played the beta quite a bit before Jagex bought it.
I enjoyed that one somewhat as well but I gotta say I'm liking OpenSpades a lot.

Hoping I can make a few friends, nice to meet you all. Green_BigSmile
Marisa Kirisame
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Sup. I'm currently lurking on 1.x as they put out an update. Downside of the update is they brought out a DLC and broke votekicks. Upside is they fixed the crash bugs and broke zombie mode.
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new people coming here is like some traveller coming to pompeii while volcanoes are fucking it up
Post Demon
Post Demon
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*volcano inserts* something I would like to see ;^))))))))))))
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