How to Edit Your User Groups

Instructions for using and creating mods.
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If your on forums and see a guy with a rectangular badge that said Blue Master Race,Green Master Race or The Veterans that is called a B&S badge of honour. You might think you need to apply or be invited into that community but those are the 3 freely open communities that you can just select and that badge will become you badge of honour.

I will walk you through how to select on of those and make that your Badge If Honour

Freely Open Communities

1. Firstly login to your Build And Shoot account
2. Look under Welcome, Download the Game, Server List, Community and Meddling and press on the button that says User Control Panel
3. It will automatically put you onto the Overview. Next to that should have the following columns, Profile, Board references, Private Messages, User Groups and Friends & Foes
4. Click on the User Groups Column
5. You should be a part of the registered users, All you need to do is click on the button to the right of either the Blue Master Race, Green Master Race or Veterans
6. Click change Default group, It should say "Are you sure you want to change your default membership to the group" (What group you picked). Click yes

Now you are a member of that group/community

Communities you must apply to be under consideration

1.Go to the exact same place on the User Control Panel and click User Groups
2. There are 10 user groups Called the Artists, News Team, Order Of The purple Deuce, Old forum staff, Coder, Hoster, Mapper,
Modder, Organizer, Scripted
3. Click on the one you want to join on the circle to the right of it
4. Click on submit this time in the bottom right
5. It will say "Are you sure you want to request joining the selected group?"
6. Click Yes, You are now under consideration from the leader of that group

There is one group called Customization Moderators, This group is a group that can only be selected if invited by the leader. Therefore do not pick that group unless invited
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Quite accurate, It should be stickied but moved to a appropriate category as this is for game tutorials.
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