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Tell us all about your server! Where is it located? Who's in charge? What are the rules? Game modes? Maps?
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I am very pleased to announce the return of the Ki11aWi11 server, I have rebooted the server that used to run back in the middle of 2012. At our height in July 2012 we used to run three servers, two CTF servers and an Arena server which all used to be full at all times. We hope the fans of the old Ki11aWi11 server will be able to return to this one and be able to enjoy the many awesome maps I've created for Ace of Spades.
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The Ki11aWi11 server is currently running CTF on several of Ki11aWi11's maps: D-Day 0048, Capitol, Metropolis, Trenches, Realistic Bridge, Rocket Island, Ace of Spades Museum & Isthmos Ædificans. The rules are pretty simple: don't grief or hack, and respect your fellow Deuces! We like to encourage building and teamwork on this server, try to use the chat function. I also prefer mature players.

  • D-Day 0048
    Realistic Bridge
    Rocket Island
    Ace of Spades Museum
    Isthmos Ædificans
If you would like to become a moderator and be able to ban hackers and the like, please PM me :) I've been around since June 2011, I'd like my moderators to have been playing since atleast May 2012.
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You should start it up again
Post Demon
Post Demon
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Looks promising, I'll check it out.
Green Master Race
Green Master Race
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I love the pixel art Green_Happy3

Also, I didn't realize you had a server! I've seen you on YouTube before :P
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Looking forward to the reopening.
3 Years of Ace of Spades
3 Years of Ace of Spades
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PABH wrote:
Looking forward to the reopening.
I bet everybody is
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Glad to hear about the reopening! Green_BigSmile
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