AoS Servers! (UPDATE)

Tell us all about your server! Where is it located? Who's in charge? What are the rules? Game modes? Maps?
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I recently launched two servers that are looking for regular players and mods! It is hosted in Canada and the latency is fantastic (I live in the west coast - and it has really good connection). I am looking for mature and respected players to moderate my server.

Each server reboots at 12AM EST for the best experience possible for our players.

I plan on expanding my server to multiple servers in the future. I currently only have 2 servers (Arena and CTF).

Servers (names and IPs): CTF:
aos://1667381397:32887:0.75 Arena: (ARENA IS FIXED! THANKS TO COLORPINPOINT!)

If you'd like to be a moderator, please post with the details:
- How long you have been playing
- Have you moderated servers before? If so how big were they?
- How will I know you will be a dedicated moderator?

Feel free to add additional details if you'd like.
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Hi, I am willing to help!

-I have been playing since 2011.
-I was an admin/mod for minit, a popular server a few years back.
-If your servers become populated, hackers will naturally follow, and you will need staff to help root them out.

Question: why not allow the community to design custom maps for your CTF server? We already have pinpoint and similar maps on aloha servers, which will preempt activity on yours if your servers have identical maps. Just a suggestion. Good luck!
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