1944 ww2 |Classicgen masterrace|

Tell us all about your server! Where is it located? Who's in charge? What are the rules? Game modes? Maps?
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1944 ww2 |Classicgen masterrace|
Welcome to the world's best server's topic! The server was opened in 2015, is one place that you are able to play without hacking! I'd like you would feel if I can, therefore, everything you could do. Already in 2014 we collected a lot of lovers, and I still want to do it, but the build-and-shoot admins let's say that we got a little conflict.
Name: 1944 ww2 |Classicgen masterrace|
Slots: 20
Gamemode: TC (Territory Control) + w/ 1944 ww2
Map(s): Classicgen
Online: 24/7
custom_scripts: Tanks, Bots, Improvedweapons
IP: [aos]aos://2235623173:32887[/aos] //no server-list connection
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3 Years of Ace of Spades
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Sounds nice, I'll definitly try it out

(after I've reinstalled aos, that is)
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