Tell us all about your server! Where is it located? Who's in charge? What are the rules? Game modes? Maps?
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Hello! I had a server open a year or so ago, called RRPT SERVER 24/7 PINPOINT, but I started to get bored of AoS and not many people went on. However, I have gotten back into the game, with full force! Come check out my server that I run with a friend, and shoot some heads! Check the server listings for RRPT SERVER 24/7 HALLWAY.

If you have any suggestions for other servers, I'm all ears. However, I'm running this off my computer to I would have to come up with something to host a second.


Octo Man
The Milkman

We will most likely be looking for more staff, so if you feel up for it, make a reply :)

-Octo (previously known as Poki)
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I don't know if this is an Admin trolling or a hacker but one time i was playing on the server and this one guy kept spawning in our base in front of our eyes! No squad mate in sight! Then there are blocks being built by some invisible guy! I suspect and admin or some other player is trolling us and using squad to let the guy spawn in our base. It's very annoying!
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Hey, I will take a look around your server and see if there's anything I can suggest. I do know that having squad as an active script may be popular with the newbies, but is outright annoying with anyone who's been playing for a decent amount of time, so I recommend you remove that.

From personal experience I know that having next to nothing of an average of users playing can be a little demotivating at times, so I wish the best of luck to you and your staff.

See you around!
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