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A projection screen projector is a display device that projects an image onto a flat surface, usually a flat projection screen. This display device projects the image in front of the viewer by making use of lenses and light sources, generally, light rays from a fluorescent light source. Most projector screens are constructed of a transparent layer of acrylic material or glass. The layers are separated into sections, called projectors, which then project images on to the other sections. Generally, projectors are made up of three layers, which are called plenums. The first layer is the back projection layer, called primary plenums, which is usually made up of two rows of projection lenses. These projectors have very long focal lengths and high image intensities.

The next layer is known as secondary plenums, and it consists of three projection lenses arranged in a triangle. Thirdly, the third layer is called superprojection, and this is the last layer of most projector screens. The fourth projection layer is known as supervised. Superview layers only allow the users to view the display in front of them, usually via a computer monitor. A screen projector may also consist of one or more special lenses, which allow you to focus on an object, say a car in a carport, using your peripheral vision.

Projectors have many different models. There are some models which allow the projector to be placed on a table or surface with or without a frame, and some which are designed to be mounted on the ceiling. Projector screens are available in different colors and styles. Some models of these devices have the capability of displaying text, as well as images. The cost of the projectors depends on the size, and the type of display used. The higher the resolution of the projector screen, the higher the cost of the projector. Projector screens have the capability to change the color of their display by applying a liquid crystal display.
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