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D&D Productions
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Hi guys,

We are the new D&D Productions ("Derping about since before the word Derp was invented" is our motto) and we are open to suggestions for any mods.

Here are the requirements for a suggestion:

Your name here (usernames are acceptable)
Mod you want done
Description of mod (including what weapon or object you want it to replace)
.png or .jpeg file showing the object you want modded in (if you want to link to a file, you can do so)

D&D Productions
H&K G36C
A 5.56x45mm NATO select-fire compact assault rifle to take the place of the SMG

Thankfully, the weapon mentioned above has already been done (

Remember, have fun and Don't die too much :D
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3 Years of Ace of Spades
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it helps to check out the newest requests on this forum category.
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