Aloha Counterstrike arena needs more maps!

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Heracles4 wrote:
So Danke, will those two be added to CS maps?
They look large imo, but I could be wrong it's hard to tell by scale. People could camp in all those crevices though... it would take a long time...
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Once they're ready, yes, they'll be added to csmaps.

And they aren't any larger than office, I think. My experience has been that camping isn't as much the problem as too many routes. de_dust2 and italy can go on for a while simply because people go around in circles around each other and never meet up. Also the counterstrike devs were pretty good at providing multiple ways to enter a room, so camping will usually not be that useful.

In addition to de_aztec, I'm also trying to put together de_dust. If I have enough time (or interest) i'd like to use simox's de_dust2 as a template so that de_dust will have the same aesthetics, but we'll see how that goes.
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Danke, you are a god. But really, is there anyone else that would care to make any maps?..
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