Recruiting openspades soldier!

General information, roster, rules, and recruitment for player-organized clans.
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I'am billy
The creator of TheRankClan !

[size=150][color=#000000]But wat is TheRank clan?[/color] [/size]

TheRankClan is a openspades clan who are playing together tactical battles
With friends (Sometimes where recording)


[size=150][color=#000000]How to recruit?[/color][/size]

Look, its simple
Just add me on Skype : billyvisterin
Or sent me a mail :[email protected]
What's need to be on the mail?
- Your name
- Your real name
- how old you are (age : 11minimum - 25maximum)
- Your favo youtuber
- and your motivation
All you need is :
-Teamspeak(not needed!)


[size=150][color=#000000]The team's?[/color][/size]

[color=#FF0000]Red[/color] vs [color=#000080]blue [/color]
(it can be changed)


And maybe we see you on the battlefield!
By TheRankClan Crew!!!! Blue_Rifle
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Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:02 amAmoniry wrote:
I need the knowledge from this forum as much as possible.
What do you need help with?
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