Time Regained Works by Artist-Goldsmith Kevin Coates

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Topic editors who give the best paper writing service provide a permanent record of jewels, table pieces and sculptures created by Kevin Coates for an exhibition at The Wallace Collection.
Time Regained: Works by Artist-Goldsmith Kevin Coates has been published to accompany a recent exhibition, of the same name, at London's Wallace Collection. Dr. Kevin Coates, often called a Renaissance man and an alchemist, is regarded by many to be the most innovative artist-goldsmith working in the UK today.

In 2007 Coates embarked on a four-year term as Associate Artist at The Wallace Collection. During this time he studied a selected group of twelve works, including paintings by Canaletto, Flinck, Vanloo and Lancret, Boulle furniture, Maiolica basins, a Meissen ewer and Gothic armour.

The online essay writers catalogue shows how Coates has reinterpreted these items, creating twelve new pieces, using a broad range of materials and techniques. Coates's work reflects his many skills from a goldsmith, painter and sculptor to musician, mathematician, geometer and scholar.

Time Regained - Layout of the Catalogue
Time Regained is divided into two main parts. In the first Dr Elizabeth Goring, in her essay entitled The Golden Mean(ing), introduces the artist. Goring considers how Coates's mischievous sense of humour, his fascination with Time (with a capital 'T'), and his passion for music and mathematics guide his artistry.

Coates responds in his essay entitled Time Regained. He discusses how the role of Associate Artist has focused his responses, how it has made him 'listen' to paintings and other objects, to see not just the obvious, but the hidden clues and messages. He challenges us to ask how the past influences the future. Coates stimulates all our senses, asking us to use our imagination, as we re-visit familiar old masters, and respond to his new designs.

The second half of the publication comprises the exhibition catalogue in which every item is shown alongside the piece that inspired it. The objects are examined in detail, from the feelings they evoke, to the materials used, and the processes of manufacture.

Kevin Coates Artist-Goldsmith - Background Information
Coates was born in Kingston, Surrey, in 1950. He studied at the Central School of Art and the Royal College of Art. His PhD, titled A study of the use of mathematics in stringed musical-instrument design, was subsequently published with the title Geometry, Proportion, and the Art of Lutherie. Other publications include A Hidden Alchemy Goldsmithing: Jewels and Table-Pieces. The book provides a comprehensive study of Coates's work, and a review can be read on custom essay writing.

Coates is not just an artist-goldsmith. He is also a professional musician playing a broad range of stringed instruments including lute, viola, violin, viola d'amore, and the baroque mandolin.

Coates's work reflects his continuing fascination with Time and its connections to art and humanity, and the way we respond to art. Pieces by Coates are held in public and private collections such the National Museum of Scotland, the V&A Museum and Lichfield Cathedral.

A Final Word
This 74-page publication is produced on high-quality paper, with over 70 excellent colour illustrations. The text of Time Regained is scholarly and philosophical, requiring great patience and careful reading to gain a full understanding of Kevin Coates's message. When you get the message, the way you view, and respond to art, of any sort, will change forever.

Time Regained: Works by Artist-Goldsmith Kevin Coates is available from The Essay for Me Collection, priced at £15, ISBN: 978 0900785-92-4. The exhibition this book accompanies will be open until 25th September.
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