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On the 8th of February, at ca. 7pm GMT, I (gamertag [FaZe]Alex_J) played a game on a Nuketown server, as I met girl with the gamertag "vivian<3". I am looking for her, because I forgot to ask her about her Skype name. So, if anyone knows her, or she reads it herself, please comment.
Thank you.
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You came to the right place. I'm that "vivan<3" girl and I've been waiting here all along for some reason. I'll give you my Skype right away, and I don't even know what yours is but that's fine, because you're a MLG professional 360-noscoper in FaZe clan.
Get fucking real, why would "she" (probably a guy) or anyone else who knows that person even be on here?
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that's fucking sad
the fact that you're searching for the "girl" you "met"
and the fact that 1shot responded and especially in the way he did
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Well what else would you expect from such badass as 1Shot?
Also, see ... 23#p150823
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Winter Celebration 2013
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Plot Twist: its a guy
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