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Winter Celebration 2013
Winter Celebration 2013
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Its been along time lol remember the fgt kid twixx aka. sora-boy m8s. if not its k
already 16 now mature af xdxdxd jk and just sometime watching the forums here but cant see any action here
so what has happened to all the people like spqr and stuff? ik that no one is playing aos anymore bcos the game just got boring for everyone community has fallen a part no events anymore, but thats alright times gotta change Green_Crying Green_Crying Green_Crying Green_Crying Green_Crying i cri evritim
but seriously guys who is still in contact with anyone else? Im still around with my guys idk if you remember names or ever heard them like Faker, Complex and all the other germans I've been in clans one year or more ago. just telling you because we were the biggest retards on this website for real lel. just laughing so hard thinking about old posts i made. thats it basically.
pls reply to me bcos i got no one else to talk to... also...
NOSTALGIA m8s pls remember to old times so im gettin happy again in life my goldfish died yesterday xddd
help asap
3 Years of Ace of Spades
3 Years of Ace of Spades
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Too late, everyone here is dead and so should you.
ZEB 99
Post Demon
Post Demon
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were like on life support
really shitty life support
and life support typically fails after some time
especally if its shitty life support
really im sad cause this cimmunity wasa what i was doing when i was sick and shit, discussed some stuff a lot
taught me that somehow people can always find a way to insult you even if its off topic, here watch
Deuced Up
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