Old School Maxis?

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Bobby Lemain
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I'm talking:

Sim City
Sim Isle
Sim Tower
Streets of Sim City
Sim Copter
Sim Safari
Sim Ant
The list goes on.


I feel like the Voxlap engine would be amazing for a Streets of Sim City remake since everything could be destroyed.
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Winter Celebration 2013
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I used to play Sim Ant a lot, it was pretty cool. a voxel version of that might also be cool, like a 3D version or something
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Head Admin / Co-founder
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Heck yeah, huge NES Sim City fan here. I was into Sim Ant and Sim Tower as well. Pulled many all nighters playing those games.

I used to leave my NES on all day just so my city could grow. I still remember one earthquake in particular that was so devastating I almost abandoned that city to start over, but I ended up sticking with it and rebuilding it better than ever. But then later I accidentally saved over the whole thing. :cry: Couldn't even look at my NES for weeks after that.
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