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With all the hype for Battlefield 1, I thought I might make a thread dedicated to my thoughts on the WWI FPS genre really quickly.


Verdun is a game that has been in my Steam library for quite awhile now. After racking up 61 hours, I know this game has potential. It only peaks at about 300 players online at once, and while that is more than BnS, for a PC game that is looking to go into the console market, this is scary.

Now, that isn't to say that this game is not doing well. For a self-published indie game released in April of 2015, 300 people still playing the multiplayer is very impressive. I'm actually surprised that so many people still care about a WWI FPS.

Though, I do suppose that it is still so successful because of the fact that it is a WWI FPS, the only noteworthy one out there. Everything about the game made you feel like you were right there in a trench on the Western Front. It is muddy and gritty and grimy. The gameplay is hardcore. One bullet and you're done (or should I say... VerDONE) most of the time.

Yet people still come back to this game to have a one of a kind FPS experience. Sure, you die a lot, but you have moments where you'll rush in the enemy's trench and take out 5 men with a shovel and your team pushes up and holds on to the trench until victory. Those are the kinds of moments that bring people back time and time again

So "Jooce," why are you saying that there's something "scary" about this game?

Well, the devs at M2H and Blackmill are taking one hell of a risk jumping into the console market with BF1's release just around the corner. As a PC elitist, I should not care, but I do care about this game a lot, and so I want to put my two cents on this subject.

Battlefield 1

Oh boy, where to begin.

I was hanging with two of my closest friends to watch the new Battlefield release trailer. I loaded up the stream and we gathered to watch. When the first image of the soldier beating another soldier with a trench club came on, I knew exactly that it was a WWI FPS. That whole trailer is wonderful, by the way. Here's the link to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7nRTF2SowQ I hear another is being revealed June 12th, so mark your calendars.

So much hype came with this trailer. It's unbelievable how many CoD fans are switching to the Battlefield series because the folks at Activision thought that going to the future again was a good idea (also I know how much you want the CoD4 remake, but please boycott the game until they sell it as a standalone).

Hype aside, this may be the best or worst thing to happen to the FPS market yet. If the WWI experience is not enjoyable, it may never enter the AAA title market again, and the Battlefield franchise will suffer. Yet, if it succeeds and delivers a great experience, we may see more WWI FPS's (and FPS's set in the past) in the market.

Let's go back to the risks I mentioned earlier with Verdun.

Many indie games that go into the console market do not get very far. While this is sad, it is because console players are much happier buying a $60 game that many other people are playing than an indie game that few have heard about. I do believe that a good amount of people will pick up Verdun for console, though. Some Youtubers have mentioned Verdun or have even played it in the past, so if subscribers of one of these channels hears about Verdun going into the console market, they may buy the game.

But is it even worth it at this point?

Verdun is a great game. I love it, the community loves it, and even the devs love it, with updates nearly every week.
Battlefield is a powerhouse. It has a huge community (what else do you expect from a AAA series, though?), and even fanboys from other games will be picking up their copy of BF1, it seems.

I'm sure that everyone that loves playing Verdun will pick up a copy of Battlefield 1, too. I personally will, but even if I didn't play Verdun I would have since I've been a fan of the Battlefield franchise since BF3's release.

This poses a big problem for Verdun. If Battlefield 1 ends up being even better than Verdun, you can say goodbye to Verdun's servers. I would hate to see a game that has such a strong community and such strong dev support be whisked away just because of a AAA title. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

What are your thoughts and/or feelings on the subject? Do you think BF1 will be a sellout?
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Even though BF1 will certainly be a highlight, it's obviously going to be another tasteless AAA game. Some players are probably going to be pissed off. Not sure whether those would play verdun (never tried), but it's likely to be a high amount. Plus, a lot of people will let the game die in a corner out of boredom after a few weeks.
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