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Do you like games that are based on monotonous logical actions?
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To be honest, yes, I like non-action games. I have always preferred to choose games where it's necessary to use strategy or apply logical thinking, in which you need to be attentive and concentrated. The puzzle remains my favorite genre in games. I rarely find well-crafted puzzles that would be interesting even if you have been playing it for several weeks, but I found many such games on this portal https://www.mobilityware.com/ . I love that I can play Solitaire online and I don’t need to install any software to do it.
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yes I like those type of games only.

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Hi, guys. As for my preferences, I adore playing games, even monotonous, because it really keeps me calm. Have you ever tried playing with fut coins ? I play it everyday, so I actually recommend you to try. Here you buy and sell getting real money. I think it's really desirable, so I am sure you will really like it.
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I am a big collector of figures and i have different kid of figures such as avengers full range, start war range and much more
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