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The commercial [Steam] version of Ace of Spades, remade by Jagex.
Incompatible with AoS Classic.
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There is a new project for the 3rd reincarnation of Ace of Spades.
I will get half of the profit as I negotiated between me & the developers of Blockade 4D.
If you want to see it for your self you can go here. New Project

Down below some quotes from it. Warning really long
Currently the map editor, client and server are only compatible with Windows platforms.

It’s been nearly a year since I left the Ace of Spades community. Over the past few weeks I’ve had a look around, had an incognito game or two and talked to a few people.

I have to admit, I’m a bit sad to see what has happened to this community. I’ve heard a few have moved on to other games such as Block ‘n’ Load or Counter Strike, however I would like to present a new alternative.

Over the time that I’ve been away I’ve been experimenting with 3D graphics, networking and graphic design, for the purpose of creating a game.

The problem with Ace of Spades was the lack of support from its developers, and a subsequent loss of players over time. My goal is to utilise all of the ideas, suggestions and discussions posted here and on the Ace of Spades forums to determine what makes a good game. All of this information will be collected and analysed and the result will be a game that actually works.

At the moment, the game works. 3D maps are rendered, players can connect to a server, shoot each other, blow up some blocks and play a match. It’s in its very early stages; there is a lot of fine tuning, balancing, performance enhancements and graphic improvements to do, however with the help of the community I see every reason why this is possible.

For this game to work, I do need help from the community. This project is a lot of work for one person, and the areas that I require assistance are:
Map Making
3D Modelling
Beta Testing
Marketing - tell your friends!
Sound Effects

This post is a heads-up, a ‘trailer’ of sorts. Development of this project will resume in a month, and will finish based on the quality and quantity of the resources provided by the community.

If you wish to contribute to this project, please contact me at mitchell [at] vercidium.com, or Sundar via Steam. Do not expect much progress on this project over the next month, however feel free to discuss amongst yourselves ideas and suggestions. For all the Windows users out there with an aptitude for map making, you can help out right now!

Note: maps are currently 256x256x256 blocks in size, which will increase over time depending on user preference and performance.

I am looking forward to where this project will go, and even more towards the support that this community will offer.

Thank you very much for your time.
- Vercidium (a.k.a. Dranar)
AoS and Open spades - NOT the same thing. Just variations on the theme.

I LOVE AoS. I don't care what ANYONE says, it is a great game, and I love it, in my top 5 all time games. So with that said, my cards on the table, ♥♥♥♥ you haters. Let's move on.
The reason is that it is not a "remake" is that there were vital parts of Ace of Spades that had to go, and many aspects that had to be changed. Implementing these changes calls for a whole new project, and branding it as a remake can provoke issues with Ace of Spades' developers.
At the moment, areas such as classes, game modes and weapons are still up for debate, as balancing the game will occur constantly throughout development. All suggested features - for example a Doctor class - will be considered however we must all be wary of scope creep; we don't want excessive amounts of weapons and classes.
Can I have half & a quarter of the profit since I suggested this to you?
I am willing to negotiate to at the least a quarter of the profit.

-Sincerly your Co Venture Capitalist Lincent.
I see nothing innovative in this... Good luck, this isn't going to go well in my opinion. I'm out!
I am glad to see that we have reached a comprimise.
The game is coming along nicely it already has 400 players.
Developer's response?
Honestly - from a developers point of view - games like Blockade 3D, Guncraft and Brick-Force are poorly designed, cluttered with excessive amounts of features and designed with children as their target audience.

Ace of Spades, however - despite missing a few key fixes raised by the community - was developed and presented professionally and was therefore accepted by players of all ages.

The goal of this project is to develop it from the ground-up, without goals like "60 different vehicle types and 10 classes with special abilities", but more with a focus on functionality, performance and stability so that it is able to adapt to the requirements defined by the community.

That being said, this approach seems to be misunderstood quite often. It's called Agile Development - you can look it up - and involves taking in user feedback and actually applying it. I see developers these days who ignore the people who play their games and wonder why their products receive 'Mixed' and 'Mostly Negative' reviews. However, most of these games receive feedback along the lines of "We need more classes and machine guns and vehicles and helicopters and jetpacks" which is all feature-based.

At the moment, the only ideas that I need from the community right now are fundamental concepts and gameplay mechanics, such as scoring and game modes. I'm not looking for great class and weapon ideas - all of those features come later. You're right, at the moment there is nothing "innovative" in this apart from the way in which the game is developed and will evolve. But the innovation comes later.

Something that I've learned throughout my experience developing games is that if you approach it with the goal of "lots of weapons and classes", you rush and glance over the underlying mechanics so that you can implement the vast variety of features. This approach is dangerous, and - unless you're a genius - usually results in a clunky game like those listed above.

There will be a large variety of feedback and ideas suggested by the community. I'm not saying that all of them will be included; some of them will be great and the bad ones will be filtered out, but nevertheless it will be a result of a community effort.

To be honest, I am not completely certain of what the game will become when it is released. I have certain ideas on what a good game is, but building a game that I like is not the aim here. The aim is to produce a game that satisfies the majority of the community, because that is what will be successful.
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Interesting. Let's see what happens.
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so you're using blockade 3D for this new project...?

Please no....
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