Block n Load is a Failure

The commercial [Steam] version of Ace of Spades, remade by Jagex.
Incompatible with AoS Classic.
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Failex thinking Call of Duty was a brilliant idea, starting advertising by paying the YouTube famous some money to advertise play their game, but just half a year before releasing it.

Thanks to their brilliant advertising they made approximately $10,918.18 from the sobs who actually bought this game.
Approximately 857 people bought this game.

Which is approximately 2,986 people less than the people who bought Ace of Spades when it launched, and is -$ 50,531.39 dollars less than when Ace of Spades Launched.

In Summary, JaGex didn't do so well with Block n Load's launch.
Even the chief dev. admitted it "“We didn't launch it well,” -admits Alex Horton"
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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I agree. They made it more of a remake of AoS in more of a twisted way.
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