BnS News #26 - New Server and New Icons

Our latest need-to-know information.
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I back!! Now wut did I miss during this near 1 year abscence?
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corn99 wrote:
I back!! Now wut did I miss during this near 1 year abscence?

We are eating pop corn all sunday afternoon, come on with us <3
Winter Celebration 2013
Winter Celebration 2013
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scrawl wrote:
Commando_Ghost wrote:
I'm really disappointed that we're using these icons, which are extremely poor in taste compared to the original ones imo. No offense.
yea, I agree. These last ones were better.
I wholeheartedly agree with you guys on this one, when i saw the new icons I immediately missed the old ones. These ones have too much of a cartoon feel to them. They'r good quality, they just lack the feel of AOS/BnS :P
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gimme figurines :D Blue_Wink1
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I agree with what most people said on this thread, these icons looked like someone spent 10 minutes on Microsoft Paint.
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xChRoNiCxLoGiCx, you can upload something new and interesting or help people in finding what they are looking for
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I was wondering that as well. Ive found loads of addresses. I havent been on here for a few weeks now and im sure there used to be a thread where you could post new addresses
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