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Timezone and/or location:GMT +7 | Jakarta,Indonesia

Contribution to the community:i was a Very active member in The Old AoS Forums,i`m fairly active here, my contribution to this community is i can make some Pictures / Photoshopping, i can make some sounds like Smg sounds,intro and music, i`m trying to make a script, and i`m a Amateur Modder.
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Age: 17

Timezone and/or location: England, GMT

Contribution to the community:

On the whole, in comparison to the other applications I read on this thread my contributions have been negligible. I run a clan which is somewhat decent. And I frequently run Bastion vs Forums events, or Green vs Blue vents etc. And shall continue to do so. Other contributions of note are things such as the Do Not Suggest List, which is useless now. And some small help style threads on the old forums. Also an Aloha guard.

I have well over a years experience in this community, especially the clan side of things. I've seen pretty much everything there is to see in terms of rule breaking, and appropriative moderator response, as well as inappropriate. I know how to follow directives and act accordingly on a situation.

I'm looking to help in a small moderation role. Like a sub-section moderator (like the old forum sub-mods).

Thanks for reading,
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12, it was my birthday on the 9th, I may seem young but i'm quite mature.

Timezone and/or location
Malaysia / GMT +8.

Contribution to the community
Used to love the old forums. I love these now. Thanks to Jagex, I lost a bit of interest in AoS but now i'm back on the track.
Anyways, I can handle a bit of a crowd, especially those annoying 8 year old kids who ask for stuff and still do not understand what we mean. Get a attention when needed during an arguement and I can do some GFX, not that professional at it though. I'm active a lot, almost everyday so if you need me, i'll be there. It's also school holidays here so I can dedicate more time to the forums.

At the end of this paragraph, i'd like to thank you for actually taking the time to read this. :\
Hope you had a wonderful day and I hope I get accepted. I won't let you down if I actually am accepted. :)
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Age: 16
Timezone and/or location: California, Pacific Time (GMT -8)
Contribution to the community: I have been a guard on the aloha servers for a month (I should have applied much earlier - I applied for trusted, with no response, about eight months ago), have been playing/on IRC for about a year (I believe 0.58 was the first version I played), and am planning on contributing to Iceball (once I get the thing to run in my VM). I can make pyspades scripts, though I haven't made any popular ones.
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Age: 14
Timezone and/or location: UK
Contribution to the community: I started playing AoS at 0.48. I started to get into modding for the game and I made a very successful modding thread. My mods have been the big things that no one tries to make and that everyone will love.
As you know, I have been in IRC frequently ever since first visiting in 0.49, I also partake in AoS events and I talk to the community in the Mumble.
Everyone knows me and loves me.

And on a side note: I have had modding experience on another successful forum. So I will know what to do and how to do it.
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Age: 14

Timezone and/or location: North Carolina (EST/GMT - 6:00)

Contribution to the community: I've been in this community since the early 0.58 version. I might not be one of the oldest veteran's around, but I still consider myself one of those who played in the classic days. Back on the phpBB forums, I made the quite popular Modex, not nearly as popular as SIMOX's mods, and got roughly 41,000 views before the shutdown of those forums. I've got quite the shady past, however, and I'm not all afraid to admit it. If needed, I will edit this post to describe what kind of a "past" I'm talking about, considering I'm done hiding behind lies about the actual situation.

Even though I'm a young, 14 year old boy, that doesn't mean I'm inexperienced and can't be useful in comparison to a 20 year old or 25 year old applying for Moderator. I don't think that the status of ones application in the end should be reliant upon their age whatsoever. Unless they're like 5 years old and know absolutely nothing. We could have 10 year old geniuses apply and 30 year old idiots. Age over maturity/knowledge. I think maturity and knowledge are the overall victors.
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Winter Celebration 2013
Winter Celebration 2013
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Age: 14 (Technically 13.9 but my birthday is so close it doesn't really matter)
Timezone and/or location: Minnesota the land of the swedes, GMT -6
Contribution to the community:
I have been here since 0.70. I have adminned a couple servers before, and been a moderator on a few forums (PHPBB, SMF, and a crappy .webs forum). And I know how to use Subject Sentence Openers.

But really, what have I done to help the community and why should I be a moderator? I mean, there are plenty of mature 16-20 year olds applying for the position. What separates me from the rest of them? I am young, therefore I understand the minds of young people. I am relatively mature (I say 'relatively' because compared to some people I am very mature, compared to others I am not). I am levelheaded. I can think critically and logically. Now I am not going to say everyone else can't. In fact, just about everything I mentioned can be done by anyone 16-20. I still haven't given a single valid reason why you should choose me over say, Defaulter besides the fact I am young. But maybe this will help my case a bit more, I am very active and I almost no life this game sometimes. I can be called upon when needed to. I would never make a good admin. But I would make a good mod. The main difference between the two as I see is that an admin has to make decisions that affect the whole forum, in times of crisis I can be slow to react. But a mod only affects his circle of influence (his subsection). Thank you for your consideration.

Excuse the wall of text, I tend to ramble when asked to write.

EDIT: I also have the most posts out of anyone in the whole forum, interpret as you wish.
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Age: 18

Timezone and/or location: MDT in Colorado

Contribution to the community: Well, I have made graphics and logos for Build and Shoot, plus I can provide the knowledge for others for certain things. Also, MURRIKA.

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Blue Master Race
Blue Master Race
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Age: 15
Time Zone: EST (GMT -5:00)
Been playing since .70, have been around the community for a while. I've made many friendships around here, and I always stay active (Aside from the occasional weekend party, I'm either hanging out with friends or on here). I check in on this place a lot and I figure that I may as well do something to help out.
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Age: 16
Timezone and/or location: California (PST)
Contribution to the community: Ive been here since .26 and have made several mod packs. I am a Moderator for the Minit servers. I feel that I have been around here long enough to have earned your guys trust (Stack, tGM, Dan, etc.), and I would love the opportunity to help you out here on the new site.

May you have a wonderful day/night where ever you are.
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Timezone and/or location:
AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Australia, WA

Contribution to the community:
-Moderate clan threads
-Help newly developed clans
-Make sure nothing gets out of the clan leaders hands
-Remove spam
-Help clan leaders try and re-develop their falling clans

I think by the looks of all the apps i'm a bit too late but there is more of a chance of being accepted than not applying.
I visit daily so I can always check the forum, i'm responsible, trustworthy and honest about a lot of stuff ;)

Thanks for reading :D
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I am 13 years of age

Timezone and/or location:
I live in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI.(CST)

Contribution to the community:

I have been an active member of the community on these forums, Jagex forums, and the old forums. I am the leader of a (Used to be semi-popular) clan, IISOD/SIDR. I have also made 3 maps, one for CTF, two for Arena. Skills wise, I have a lot of experience in moderating forums as well as maneuvering through the ACP. I also am a guard on Aloha, and have been one since..April? I am logical, where many others of my age group may tend not to be

:green: : Good day
League Champs
League Champs
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Timezone and/or location: Canada, Ottawa Timezone:EST

Contribution to the community: Well, I'm currently an Aloha administrator and Minit Moderator. Active on IRC and the forums. I think I started playing around 0.54 but got introduced to the forums by a player in game. Which was around 0.70. Since then, I've became interested in Pyspades, Maps, mods etc. I've also assisted my help to people who have trouble with the technical side of maps, mods. I've also helped people who've had problems with an error they get, or setting up something on Pyspades, whether On IRC and on the forums.
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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Age: 18
Timezone and/or location: GMT -5
Contribution to the community: Well, I've been playing Ace of Spades since May 2011, and was, I like to think, really active on the now archived forums. I'm also really active on the IRC, seeing as I have no life, so pretty much as long as my internet works, chances are I can be around to watch the forums/IRC, clean up spam etc. I suppose I could also help clans with whatever they might need assistance with, such as getting started or whatever, since I co-lead a clan. Granted, I don't do too much there, but I like to think I know what I'm doing relatively well. I also administrated the Bastion Server when that was up. Oh, I also have a knack for finding spam, Booyo used to get like three spam reports a day from me back in the day. I'm also an Admin on The Bastion forums, but I guess that's a bit obvious.

Thanks for taking the time to read/review this.
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League Participant
League Participant
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Timezone and/or location:GMT+8,Philippines
Contribution to the community:
'le cracks finger"This will be a great opportunity to be close with the community and it's system,I've been playing this game since .75 (just a little info).I may not be good at punctuation's but i can assure you that i'm a friendly person and i will improve it for a much more better understanding,i can contribute my time for helping with clans,getting rid of spams,going to the IRC,and staying online in the forums I may not have that much experience of being a moderator but you will not be disappointed by accepting me as a moderator in this community of B and S i'm not that really good a this game because i always contribute my time of being online here at the forums but you can count on me being online In Game (for a little while) and i would like to have this kind of responsibility and closeness to the community and make them comfortable to say that "this forums is my home" .Thank you for your time in reading this,it means a lot :D .(sorry for the bad grammar) :(
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