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Former Admin / Co-founder
Former Admin / Co-founder
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Welcome to Build and Shoot's first anniversary celebrations. It has been a fast crazy year Green_Surprised2. Post below to get the exclusive 1 year birthday badge. Feel free to include a story of how you discovered AoS/BnS or a favorite moment in AoS or anything you found interesting pertaining to AoS over the year.

*Note - You need to post before November 7 at 12:00 am UTC if you wish to receive the badge

Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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1'st post here. Blue_Happy3
Blue Master Race
Blue Master Race
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well one of my friends found AoS and told me and my brother. We played from march until Fagex bought AoS out. For three months we didn't play AoS until I found BnS. And that is how I am here today

hey I was typing for way longer than you Blue_Septic Blue_Rifle Blue_Rifle
League Champs
League Champs
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I met Ace of Spades in a Brazilian gaming site in 2012 and I'm here until today unfortunately playing and seeing the community die... course as several other people consider 0.76 masterrace
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Global Moderator
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Hi there.

One day, while browsing YouTube, I found a let's play for a little game called Ace of Spades. The video was rather interesting, and while I had never really played any FPS games regularly before, I was quite intrigued by the videos, so I went to try it out for myself, and here we are 1 year and 2 months later.
Blue Master Race
Blue Master Race
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Well, sure, sign me in.

Well, I found it out on a gaming channel, can't remember which one. Didn't really spark my interest but a week or two later a friend of mine mentioned this game and invited me to play a couple of matches with him. It was really simple to install so I just said "eh, can't hurt", and then I kinda got hooked up on this stuff.
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Hi, my name is MKU, or formally known as Mariokillu, and I am an alcoholic. I came across Ace of Spades back in late June of 2011. How I ACTUALLY I found it, I can't really remember, but I think I Googled "Free FPS Games" and eventually came across it. I played for a while and then got hooked, so I saw if AoS had a community, and it did. At first, I always go into flame wars with a lot of people. Reuben, RoT, Korakoff and Komrades. Basically, clans and their clan leaders. I assume they were doing it purely prejudice of me being in a clan called MLG or admining the official reddit server.

After I left MLG, I became lovers with Reuben and joined Komrades and made friends with them (not that they are good friends), and yeah. Things went on normally. I admined a few popular servers and became the first US minit server hoster (a title I hold dearly). I also got in trouble with Ben and the staff when I DoSed the Ace of Spades website. I also DoSed the minit servers. Why? Idk. A few months passed and I was banned from a lot of Ace of Spades related things. Forums, IRC, Minit and Aloha servers, and whatever voice chat we were using at the time. StackOverflow didn't like me. I was sad. Green_Crying

Eventually, everything got better. Friends, server connections and admin positions were recovered, and then the fire nati... I mean Jagex started showing it's face a lot more, leading to the complete takeover. When all hope was lost, danhezee, StackOverflow and izzy stepped up and created BuildandShoot. Dan and izzy approached me asking for help with graphics and I agreed to help. I'll post the final copies of all the version they had in mind at the end of this tragic post. Ok, this is the end.

But, in all seriousness, danhezee, StackOverflow and izzy should be thanked for making this community and keeping it going, but the true heroes are you, the community. What's a community without it's swagalicious members? Jagex, that's what it is. Here's to another full year. Green_Spade

Most of these pictures were not used but they were finals.


This was the original BnS logo.


League Participant
League Participant
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I found Build and Shoot from a good friend of mine. We use to play a while back, he eventually got a new PC, and left me playing the games which require lower specs. I continued playing Ace of Spades with my hearts content! Making sure I had the best gaming experience I could achieve with low specs. I was pulled in by the community and by the clans, making my experience all the more fun. I continue to this very day, enjoying playing Ace of Spades. Thanks Build and Shoot :)

Happy 1st year Anniversary Build and Shoot!
League Champs
League Champs
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I found AoS back in 0.21 when paulsoaresjr made a video on it. That's really all.
King of Spades
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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I learned about Ace of Spades about right when they announced 0.76 i was super pumped.I loved the game and when Fagex bought it I thought they would make the game better,boy was I wrong.I luckily knew about BnS when they shut down the main server systom. I did not join the community until recently.
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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I found it when my friend saw Notch tweet about it. My first 3 maps were Normandie (Why isn't this one more popular??), AnticBridge (was fun, but got boring quick) and Bridge Wars (never figured out you spawn facing forward, got stuck in the spawnlands for upwards of 5 minutes at times.) Now I love to play 0.76, and prefer maps more similar to CGen than the gimmick maps like Hallway and Pinpoint, but will resort to playing those if nobody is on the CGen, SPQR or Shams servers.
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League Participant
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if you expect a story, don't.
Green Master Race
Green Master Race
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I'd like one of those. I started playing since .70 and I love the game. Blue_BigSmile Green_BigSmile
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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Coestar made a video about this game back in the earlier days (0.21-ish) and I thought the game looked cool. I forgot about it until the later days of 0.70, where I was a proud SMG noob.
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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Friend showed me game at .2
Made forum acount around .70 I guess.
Joined Enclave.
Lead Enclave.
Left Enclave.
Made Mods.
Chinese Assault Rifle Mod got 22k Downloads.
Left forums for a while.
Joined SPQR.
Acting like a retard.
Still acting like a retard.
Find the game boring as shit now, just my opinion.
Kv6 Modding still fun.
Hope to release mods soon.
My sister's birthday is Nov 7th.

also gimmie veteran badge and sign me up
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