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Custom Game has returned to - the service allows you to create a game server with a few clicks. Select server location, gamemode, maps (can also be uploaded) and other settings, and a temporary server will be automagically created and instantly hosted. The server then shuts itself down again after the last player has left.

Use it for pick-up games (PUGs), clan training and matches, events, map building, testing purposes, private parties, and of course public games.

Server resources are provided by and *Sauerkraut. The software and scripts have received some improvements and fixes. New gamemodes were added (like Zombie Survival or "Arena vs Bots" based on the ABBS script by yuyasato), for a full list of changes see here:
- Updated website with a responsive layout
- New generated servernames that inform about the gamemode (example: "Hosting#123 Capture The Flag")
- Renewed selection of maps
- Weapons can be disabled individually with checkboxes
- Added 2 advanced options: Day cycle and spawn protect
- Added 5 gamemodes: Arena vs. Bots, Zombie Survival vs. Bots, Target Practice vs. Bots, Parkour, Adventure (Single-Player)
- Rewritten build gamemode that allows to decide who gets build and command permissions
- Build gamemode includes the multibuild features now
- 20 seconds tolerance when the last player disconnects before server shuts down (so a player can still reconnect in case of an unintended disconnect)
- Added 2 team colors to choose from ("Blue vs. Green (Classic)" and "Blue vs. Green (Dark)")
- On selection of a gamemode a short text explains the objective
- More helpful information texts and proper listing of available commands when using /help
- Small fixes for some gamemodes (infiltration, koth, ffa) and other minor fixes
- What was removed: Melee and Intel RPG gamemode, the advanced settings Bigblock, Hookshot, Snow, Intelreturn and Match (might be readded upon request)
Use #help-desk in the Discord server to post suggestions or report problems, respond to this thread or contact me on Twitter.
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Great post, however, I wanted to know if you could write a little more on this topic too? I would appreciate it if you could explain a little bit of image search and add a few more details.
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