Build and Shoot Newsletter #42

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Build and Shoot Newsletter #42

I am excited to announce the revival of Build and Shoot newsletters! They will be put out quarterly and highlight events that are happening in the community.


Official Discord Server

Build and Shoot recently publicized their Discord server! You can join it by clicking the image below.


OpenSpades 0.1

OpenSpades was updated last December to end a two-and-a-half year development hiatus. In February/March, yvt updated it again, this time to 0.1.1b and a hotfix version, 0.1.1c. You can read the full changelogs below:


League Announcement

Deuces, are you ready for a new league? I am planning a league to take place in the next following months! If you are interested in participating, you can vote for the maps, game mode, and more at the link below.


The piqueserver team has been working on a fork of PySnip, called piqueserver. The goal of piqueserver is to "un-stuck" pyspades/PySnip. Since the Jagex takeover, little to no work had been done to pyspades. The piqueserver team has made it a goal to develop a successor to the past server implementations for Ace of Spades, and plans on bringning updates to the game once more.

New Map Repository

ByteBit has been working on a new map repository over the summer which will allow users to search and upload maps. You can check it out at Currently it has over 1000 maps!

Map Showcase

Despite the forums being down, there were still many maps that were made. Here are a few picks!

Miniplymouth by Bradley

Miniplymouth is a recent push map by Bradley. Along the way to the capture point, there are ships, islands, rafts, buoys, and more that your team can build towards to reach the helicopter!


tunnelassault by israelleelll

tunnelassault is a recent map by israelleelll that relates to the classic map assault by Goon Haven. Although it is hard to see from the preview, the map has premade tunnels on the sides. With no cover on the top, you must dig down to survive.


Zombie Island by Bradley

Zombie Island is another map by Bradley, from late 2016. Not only is it good for the Zombie Survival game mode, but it can also be used for Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and more.

Mod Showcase

Here are some mods that were made while the forums were down.

This icy mod pack makes the game cool! Pretty much every model is modified in this pack, and has some other extra features such as new sounds, a new font, yadda yadda... the full feature list and pictures are linked below!

QuickBrownFox made three weapons, Hotline Miami-style! The rifle, SMG, and spade have all been remodelled to bring a different vibe to the game. Sounds for each of the mods are also included in the pack. More information in the link below!




by Lostmotel



Top by topo, bottom by Lostmotel


by Earish



by Coreveth and Titanium (in memory of Lostmotel ?)

Also, this and this post!

Thank You!


Thanks for reading the newsletter. Long live BnS!

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Great! Nice to see this again :P
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Awesome, might actually start playing again Blue_Wink1
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Good job Kuunikal!
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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Nice job! I'm glad to see it back on track.
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Hey, happy to see my modpack was featured here! Thanks! Really looking forward to the league as I was never around to play it back in the day. Nice to see the game isn't dead!
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nice news letter Kuunikal and thanks for showing off my maps, need to add a few onto here for people to play with, got to a cs-go arena map to carry on with making too
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wow i thought this wasn't a thing anymore, gj
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Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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no 42 memes 0/10
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Great Job!
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News Team
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Well done, kuun!
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Revive BNS Newsletter forum?
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I'm subscribed for sure! Green_BigSmile
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thanks for sharing the information.....
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