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Hi all,
I'm here to introduce you to a site that already has a little course.
NiHost ( is a french server hoster (Web, minecraft, Ace of spades, Vocal, Other games, Domain name).
You guessed it, I'll just talk about the part Ace of Spades.

This part is a non-profit project, No benefit from the website.
The servers is host in france, but with a very good ping ! Many Americans have a ping of 49ms!
We have launch that this offer for the French servers (early) to avoid seeing run on basic VPS. We provide a great panel (TCadmin) with many fonctions.

Before the update, the site had the best price. Servers are made available with regular reductions.
It was just a small introduction to indicate that the site passes under pysnip. Soon, a new set days will be over.

I'll let you Current status of the site.
If you have questions or suggestions, let me know!

Enjoy ! :)

P.S. : The support is very active and effective
P.P.S. :

And sorry for my very bad english ! :/
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SO you made this? Awesome I was just gonna use a VPS to host mine, but I am an American I do not have euros and can not read french, is there an English version?
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