[RELEASE] Server Status Script! [Supports PHP 7!]

Host your own server and communicate with server operators.
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I've made this several years ago, but I just updated it to support server version as well (so that the BnS launcher doesn't ask you for which version the server is when you try to play). It is written in PHP so that you don't have to have a special configuration to run this.

https://github.com/MrTeenageParker/AoS- ... tus-Script

Feel free to use this for what ever your purpose is. It is highly efficient and fast when used with Nginx and PHP 7. It is ready right out of the box, you just need to open config.php and put your server's address (given to you by pysnip/pyspades).

DEMO: https://mrparker.pw/back/server_status
DOWNLOAD: https://mrparker.pw/assets/zips/AoS%20S ... %203.0.zip

EDIT: Added official download link!
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