German Spades - Elevators

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Can someone give me a list of all the commands for the server "German Spades - Elevators" and some of the mods, plugins, addons that are installed on this server and also the different maps that this server has.
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List of Commands

/votekick [Player/#id] [reason] - start a votekick. If successful the player is banned for 30 minutes
/airstrike [coordinate] - Calls an airstrike on a specific location. You can also use /a instead of /airstrike (e.g. /a b4)
/admin [message] - Sends a message to the admins. Use this command to ask questions that you are sure about only the server team can answer or want an admin to join the server. We try our best to read these messages.
/medkit - You will heal some hp. You will get one medkit per life. You can also use /m instead of /medkit.
/streak - Shows your kills in a row you got without dying.
/time - Lets you see the remaining time until the map changes.
/sc [message] - A squadchat. With this command you can write messages only your squad members can see.
/scripts - With this command you can see what scripts the server uses.

About the Maps
We are currently using Hallway and Hallpoint. I'm working on getting some more maps for this server. So please be patient.
The problem is that the elevators are only good to be used on Hallway orientated maps. We tried it on maps like Bridge Wars and Anticbridge in the past but it failed miserably.

If you have any further questions regarding the server feel free to send me a private message.
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