How to change map using a PySnip server, i don't know how.

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I was created a server and the thing i don't know is how to change/add maps. Please help.
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Hey, to add maps you need to download them first. has a nice repository of maps located here:

Once you download them, place the contents of the zip into your Server/maps folder.

Next you'll need to edit your config.

You should find are around line 36 a line that looks something like this:
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    "maps" : ["classicgen", "random"],

To add a map, add a comma after the last ", and enclose the new mapname (name of the map file you downloaded) in quotations. eg:
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    "maps" : ["classicgen", "random", "NameHere"],
To remove a map, just remove the name, and the quotations surrounding it. Make sure there is only 1 comma inbetween each mapname. eg:
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    "maps" : ["classicgen", "NameHere"],

Hope this helps!
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