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Hello guys Blue_Happy1 ,
today I wanted to setup a AceOfSpades Server.
I followed the instructions of
I executed all commands for Python and It's successfully installed.
The server don't run Ubuntu, so I had to download the download repository / I extracted the files of the zip and I copied the files to the server with filezilla.
I started and I think It went fine (there were a lot of code). (with ./
Afterwards I just used the vanilla config.txt and I run ./ .
Then a wild error appeared

So I don't know much about Python or really Linux, but I hope someone can help me.
Is it a error of the server? Or is Python not really installed? Please tell me

Thank you for your help
(It's my first post, so I can't post URLs)
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I have Ubuntu 14.04, try to install the Wine application
and Download the full pysnip and start the run.exe with wine.(It works for me)
Open port has been easier with iptables.
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