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Ace the king
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3 Years of Ace of Spades
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Hey all! I wish to Global Ban Astra he hacks many servers steals admin passwords he gave me the admin password for a server I will permanently ban him. I would love it for him to be on a black list for not telling me that he hacks I would straightly report him I request a ban for him if you want some proof ask ¦Guard¦ZeroXy he got proof thanks AoS admins also beware of him also another hacker name Ninja Shinobou be aware of this hacker he ban evades hacks and aimbots once he bans he joins back I have witnessed this I am a eyewitness for it. Blue_BigSmile thanks AoS admins!
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I also know that the Astra was, I did not give him admin but also heard from a distance as it is crying.
Then he said if we're not friends, me was banned.(she has server) I said him that we were not too.

Hackers: All clan members have hack. Blue_BigSmile
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These really don't work, since names ultimately mean nothing and anyone can lie about anything.
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