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For players to request admin positions and for server operators to find prospective admins.
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Deuced Up
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I have a new server called Fight for Survival. If you would like to be an admin please pm me. I will chose the admins randomly so do not accuse me ^^.
DEADLINE: January 10. *Delays my happen due to problems with the server.
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if no on else wants to, i'd like be ok with it, just won't be able to be on a lot due to school and stuff
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can I be an admin awesome.
I know this is kinda late but I did not know there was a section for this. Green_Nothappy
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I have been looking for an opportunity to involve myself more in the AoS community and I think this might just be it. I can be on from 4 to 11 EST time. I have ran my own minecraft server and my own AoS server so I know what to look for. I also can set up a website for the server if you wish to enlarge it to a bigger audience.

hope you accept me,
League Participant
League Participant
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I recommend people should apply for the position not just a random draw
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Ohh you have your own server maybe we can play there sometime
Bux Xray
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3 Years of Ace of Spades
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In Game name :BOYuXRAY
exp : Guard at FreeBuildVA,admin at FreeBuildCA at builder at Build4yourlife
why I do be good guard : well i`m well skilled and experienced admin and I can sacrifice my time watching cheaters and rule breakers,that happen when I be guard at FreeBuild VA ,i`m using invisible and scectator to guard them, if I think he`s a cheater I will collect infos and proof so that I can kick or ban him directly
about myself : I`m BOYuXRAY,I lived in Philippines,TMC,I playing AoS since 2011 old AoS,My old name is Death
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maybe look at the thread date / deadline set...
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