Do people still recruit admins anymore?

For players to request admin positions and for server operators to find prospective admins.
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Lately, it seems that admins are so hard to come by these days.

Vote kicks are not always useful, and often times timeout before enough votes are tallied because not everyone knows how to or are sore sports and prefer to win than play fair. It has gotten to the point that some people even pretend to be admins in an attempt to scare off cheaters, which rarely works.

If I could, I'd become an admin, but I don't even know if they are even active on any servers anymore. Kinda hard to enlist when recruiters don't recruit no more, and possibly even abandoned their servers for other things.

Are their still admins for servers like the Aloha servers, or has most of them really left the community?
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Servers are not managed by build and shoot, if they chose to allow hackers and do not recruit admins that is there problem. Aloha has admins but they are not always on, it is also very difficult to become an aloha guard,mod, or admin if you are not known in the community and/or you have a shady past.
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Some servers have their own website where you can apply. Like Aloha. But if you don't know that they have a website it's impossible because they don't let you apply at the Admin Recruitment forum. Hint: If you want to apply for admin go on the servers website if there is one or ask an admin when he is on the server. Usually he will tell you how to apply.
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