Im BANNED in ALL the servers, im SOO SORRY ;-;

Prove your innocence or apologize for your behavior.
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So... yeah... i have used hack, but only "wallhack", by the way, im soo sorry to use it cuz i love play in Ace Of Spades and i play there like... 2, 3 years and i love it soo much! Blue_Crying
I will never use hack anymore! I have used an injector but the hack are bugged because are an old hack and i deleted it, but im banned in ALL the Servers i promise you that i will never use it again ;-; i have soo much friends there in the game, i cant lose them, yesterday i use hack because i am soo sad these days, i dont have friends in real life, only in the internet ;-; but please, i need play again with my real friends, i apologize about all these problems that i've made ;-;
But please ;-; unban me ;-;
I will do ANYTHING that you need or ask Green_Crying Blue_Crying
I will never do this again ;-;
Forgive me ;-;
Green_Crying Blue_Crying
My nick are ImStizy

I can do anything to play again without hacks and with my friends ;-; Green_Crying Blue_Crying
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
Build and Shoot's 1st Birthday
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You can appeal your past bans from aloha servers at
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