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Prove your innocence or apologize for your behavior.
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name = COQEH*) ( CRY

Yes, I did hack. Honestly, I didn't think this server had protection due to the reason why I hacked in the first place. The reason I hacked was because a user under the name of "#Joker09" was using aimbot. I tried several times to votekick #Joker09 with no success. The other users also tried to kick #Joker09. Eventually, I got fed up and downloaded a copy of the aimbot to settle the score. Was this the right course of action? No. Have I learned my lesson? Yes.

Ja, ich habe gehackt. Ehrlich gesagt, ich dachte nicht, dass dieser Server Schutz hatte, weil ich ihn überhaupt gehackt habe. Der Grund, warum ich gehackt habe, war, dass ein Benutzer namens "# Joker09" aimbot verwendet hat. Ich habe mehrmals versucht, # Joker09 ohne Erfolg zu voten. Die anderen Benutzer versuchten auch # Joker09 zu kicken. Irgendwann wurde ich satt und lud eine Kopie des Aimbot herunter, um die Punkte zu begleichen. War das die richtige Vorgehensweise? Nein. Habe ich meine Lektion gelernt? Ja.
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Hello Fizzelo,

I'm the owner of German Spades and also the person who banned you.
I'm glad you are honest about your wrong doing.
I've unbanned you and hope you are not doing it again.
Unfortunately when #Joker09 joined the server I was not available and the measures taken to catch hackers through scripts sadly didn't catch that user.
I'm currently trying to fix that.

- Sam
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