Biglwrab's Ban appeal

Prove your innocence or apologize for your behavior.
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I am currently banned on tower of babel. servers and also on CRYPTOCLOVER * CTF Hallway. For tower babel I was attempting to join the server yesterday when I was kicked because I joined whilst the server had become full. I did absolutely nothing wrong however now I cant play on the very popular server. I don't have any proof it as I thought nothing of it until I tried to rejoin yesterday morning.

My next appeal is a bit complicated, however long story short, it was a miss understanding. I joined CRYPTOCLOVER * CTF Hallway and played like any other good player, and I did this for a good several hours without a single hiccup. I would also like to clarify that I am using a laptop with multiple programs open and it was not plugged in. I saw a guy digging a trench, so I thought I would help him out by chucking 1 Grenade, he stopped and accused me of grieving and destroying his build (what build? there is no build other than a hole). he opened up vote kick, and people started chirping in even though they had zero experience with me being bad in any way. I tried to explain that it was a misunderstanding, but he was not taking any of it. Unfortunately My pc ran out of power and disconnected me from the the game and hence banned me without the vote even being finished.

there only ever is about three worth while servers on (these two) so I basically cannot play anymore.
My in game name is Biglwrab if you need that.
I don't have any photographic proof or any one I am 100% sure can say that i am good player. However I might be able to ask my friend who played with me at the time to confirm this.

I understand if you choose to keep me banned (especially on CRYPTOCLOVER) as there is a lack of evidence. However I have a 100% squeaky clean record and I only recently joined.

Thank you very much for all consideration, Biglwrab

edit: I like this game quite a lot and played Ace of spades in the past and never had any problems. If you need more than a "sorry" i will try to gather as much evidence as possible.
I after thought, my idea of "helping someone" was really stupid and i never did anything like that, it was a brain fart. Very sorry about it and it wont happen again.

double edit: i would also like to point out that the ban on CRYPTOCOVER appears to be permanent however it could be other issues. Every time i try to play it comes up with a message saying that I cannot connect: "reason unknown". this could be that i am no longer banned merely 30min banned but i would like some help on that thanks!
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