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What is battlexel?

Battlexel, is a small game based on a tribute to "Ace of Spades". Then actually, in the third version, you can build, destroy, fire, take a turret, launch grenades and even drive a helicopter. All, in a 2D-3D space.

I really want to create more versions of it, and i need your support here. I constantly work in this mini-game.

In this moment, the current version of battlexe is in Spanish Blue_Normal , soon i post it in english Blue_Happy1 .
Link Here!:!NpEBhRZb!GkDJeNCWUfVx ... W20nEerogc

I hope you can have fun with it... I leave you with respect all of you:


PD: Ace of Spades never dead! Blue_Happy3
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Here, have a look at the piece of crap I coded lol!OMRTVApC!Qv4VkA8OLY0t ... e6AWAGs010
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