123d Catch (converting images into 3d models)

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http://forumarchive2.spadille.net/viewt ... 00#p127845
I found this on the old forums. This is basically a software which allows you to convert any object you can photograph from different angles into a 3-dimensional file on your computer, crazy huh? Blue_BigSmile

Here is an example:
Original image:
Converted voxel model:

Some tips:
+take as many photos as possible (20 isn't enough)
+ put some other objects under and/or around the object you want to convert, this will help the program to recognize which angle the pictures were taken from. These objects will also be a great help when you have to stitch some pictures manually.
+ (not tested) fix the object with strings in the air so you can also take pictures from underneath
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I KNEW there had to be SOMETHING out here that was like this.
Thank you for posting this for us newbie fgts
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