Ace of Trenches WW1 pack

Organized combos of complementary weapons, scopes, skins, sounds, etc.
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This pack was made by me a while ago. Can't quite remember what version I made it for.
*WARNING*: This is some real vintage stuff, and it may or may not work correctly. Save all of your current skins just in case.

Ace of Trenches was a pack I made quite some time ago, which was supposed to take advantage of the game's trench warfare mechanics to simulate the trenches of WW1. This was also my very first mod that involved replicating real weaponry.


No preview of the player models, but rest assured, they're pretty bad. Ignore that "more coming soon" part, it's unlikely I will update this much more (Besides adding a Vickers MG, of course Green_BigSmile ).

Download link:
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Awesome, man. I've been looking for a WW1 pack Blue_BigSmile

EDIT: Using now, it's awesome!
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Nice work broheamith
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