World War 2 Pack

Organized combos of complementary weapons, scopes, skins, sounds, etc.
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SIMOX wrote:
Now everyone chill out for a moment. Umm.. Rustedmoose you will have to reupload your pack again because i accidently removed it. Didn't see the credits at first. Though that would be a reason to make them more visible. And about credits, they are must to be given if you are using other people mods (Intellectual property). That is the rules and you must follow them. So don't wait so long next time and add them immediately.

And Commando_Ghost, please watch your language.
Meh. Fine ;)
Deuced Up
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Rustedmoose wrote:
zovc wrote:
looks nice but could you get some pictures of the guns and the varibles, sights, scopes ,arms, stocks, clips
like in slab 6 or in game pictures?
slab 6 so i can see whats included
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The weapons are nice, but I heard you brought some of other people's work, you really have to start making your own mods. They, the makers of these models won't be happy about this and you better do something. Blue_NotHappy
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Rustedmoose wrote:
Commando_Ghost wrote:
Look at what we have here....You again & you brought in more of someone's hard work that was already uploaded on game banana.... You literally need to stop. :l

Let's see which mos you've brought in here :

- Kicker14's Kar98k :

- Ascent's Thompson :

And the rest is probably from somewhere in the darkest crevices of the internet where the shitlords like you live in...
Dude calm down i'm changing them when i get a chance. you need to please stop stalking my posts and trying to find problems with them. if you got a problem with me or my uploads, please peacefully PM me. stop being such an ass and stop commenting on my uploads
EVERYONE on this forums does. It's not stalking, it's constructive critism.(Some people are just rude)
You better edit your post with the credits.
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In fact, World War 2 was a very terrible event that took a lot of lives, and this should never be forgotten really. And you have to draw certain conclusions from it. Fortunately, I was told by my friends about where to go to read more interesting information about it . I am very glad that I found a lot of interesting essays about it and formulate my position on these terrible events in our history, from which we need to learn lessons.
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