Heist's Fallout 3: Project Anchorage - Chinese Stealth Armor

Player model arms, legs, head, torso, and corpse.
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Greetings, people of the internet and AoS forums. I present you my first ever modification - Chinese Stealth Armor from Fallout 3 DLC Project Anchorage. Here is the original:
Pretty sweet, right? Yup, I agree. So, I decided to make a B&S skin out of it. Here is the result:
Not too shabby, eh? (I noticed I forgot some details like the belt and I will update it after a while, when I will have some more free time) Please note, that this is my first shot at making my own skin. I'd be more than happy to recieve any constructive criticism or tips. Also, you can see that I am using Taboo's weapon mods. Be sure to check him out, he has some sweet stuff going on his thread. Thanks.
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I love this. Good skin, and props for an original idea! Would love to see more work from you.
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Errr... I love this skin. But where's the download? :p
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