Download The Game

How to install?

Option 1: Download then run our Build and Shoot Launcher installer. The installer will attempt to find existing installations of the original Ace of Spades Classic "Voxlap" client on your computer then automatically download and install any missing recommended versions, currently 0.75 and 0.76. Optionally, you may download other versions of the Classic client and add them to the installed Launcher by following these instructions.

Option 2: Download then extract the zipped OpenSpades client.

How to play?

Option 1 continued: After the Build and Shoot Launcher has been successfully installed, simply click the name of any server on our live server list at

Option 2 continued: To use OpenSpades, run its executable then 'connect' to any server through the in-game menu.

Build and Shoot Launcher

Our launcher supports all versions of the Ace of Spades Classic "Voxlap" client (0.1 through 0.76) and automatically runs the correct version required by the host server.


OpenSpades is an open source OpenGL-based alternative client by yvt that can be used to play on all AoS 0.75 and AoS 0.76 servers listed at Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Click here for more info.

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